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Lyrics 7

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King Lion lyrics translated into English

charas cannabis
with the floral resin
into the kamish over the fire
into the light into the sun...

we're travelling from the end
to the end of the world
we're listening to the gnashing
that comes max's laughter from

we hunt only when we're hungry:
we are the kittens in the deep fur
we're fondling each other with females cool
I'm pushing you by lips
we're kissing by veins
you're wetting me by eyes
and we're wet by paws...

I love the jewellery on the sun burned hide
and the mane which you sacrifice to keep me back here
I love the smell of meat that's running from the eyes
and the roar which you sacrifice to keep me...

the sun sacrifice
my tame kitten
big and hungry
I will hunt with you

For my best friend B. K., who is a lion.

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