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Something Low lyrics originally written in English

I'm right here to run together so don't be boring now
I'll make some perfect sentence to drag you out
the lights are not tired for the first time
who are you waiting for
we're just starting to celebrate your birthday
so happy birthday
or merry christmas to you

I wasn't lost in this city but I lost myself meeting you
you of the art of act
let's be pretty
let's celebrate crashed eyes
that's maybe something new
something low and new

all of men are in a blind fury
can't look at you so they look at your past
and there is something they had left
something bad
they're standing in something bad

babies girls women grands
they are fitting every little happiness
coming to clubs in the cool-night's cars
they are dancing to a man
who's standing in something low

This poem is one of my favourites poems to me.

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