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Another Enthroning (Chapter)
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"... He was standing at the square all alone.
He saw: the flash.
He saw: the cell will sound.

The moment was bringing closer.

"Hi!", he said.

"Where are you? I can't get you, for too long!", was said by the voice, a splendid woman's voice.
He answered:
"I know, I know. See you there. The moment has come."

Once, a long ago, he got to know her in the underground:
"Have you got some fire?", she said.
"Yes, sure.", he said and handed a lighter.
"Have you got the weapons?", she said.
"Have you got some means?", he said.
"Like in 1968? Mescaline?", she said.
"But you know I'm not from here.", he said.

That happened a long ago.

But now, here they're again, together, starting another enthroning. They didn't say 'Freedom!', neither shaking hands. They entered underground immediately. They were watching each other into eyes for a while when he asked:
"Have you got enough means?", he questioned.
"Have we got enough personnel?", she questioned.
"Yes, indeed... but the personnel is here.", he said.
"It seems it has begun.", she said.
"Or it's about to!", he said.
They laughtered. A brand new sensation occupied them. A good sensation.
"It seems they started realizing.", he said.

They came out of underground. They were at the square again.

They were without a word while gaping to the black boy's blood on the sidewalk.

"Where have you been for all these years?", she asked him.
Inside her eyes he saw the shine:
"It doesn't matter where I have been. It matters I'm back".

The moment was bringing closer."

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