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This web site

Once upon a time this web site did not look like this. Some parts of its subject matters were:
- something like this:
"This site was not made to put you into fascination by web design miracles or global technology prudence divinity.
This site was not made to bring you the greatest pop-(s)hits from different ideological directions.
This site was not made to porn you.
This site was made... to take you to a trip.
So did you take a whip?",

- or something like this:
"You thought you'd find some left-wing orientation here?
Oh Miranda (my oh my) you were so wrong...
At last you found Max again but Max ain't no same no more sweetheart...
Ha ha ha!
There is no bloody wing here, no left no right.
Remember, there is no bloody politics here, Miranda.
There is no bloody s/m politics here, man...
p. s.
No left-wing here!
Even there ain't no Che here, Miranda...
Do you believe Max?
Can you believe it?",

- or something like this (the links were backgrounded):
"what are you staring at? enter |||
are you a human?
enter |||
yes | no-o-o-ooo no |||
if yes: someone would ask: "freedom or inquisition?"
you're welcome to
choose! |
if no: if you want some
ideology, go watching news or take a pill! |||
beware! this is
private!" |||,
etc... etc...

Kind unknown strangers, this web site intentional and accidental visitiors, and my friends, warned me that it was too overloaded with or too spiced with:
- society criticism,
- institutional religions criticism,
- callings in the name of ecology,
- the-sense-of-life and the-common-sense ''useless'' explanations,
- anti-ideological or Universal Mind attitudes,
- several overviews on movies directed by Mel Gibson,
- pop-culture messages,
- discussions on the Eye of Horus and other blown away times signs mystic origins,
- difficult philosofical issues,
- stories of the ancients and the stories of the future ancients,
- photos of me and my people from my student age nightlife (or daylife, the same I say - often we didn't distinguish day from night),
- zodiac and astrology connected to astronomy - a scientific approach,
- pictures, drawings,
- some videos, some audios,
- memories of souvenirs from the war-zones where I tripped cleaned on (what does this mean?),
- and so on and so on and so on,
all written or made or recorded by me through long years, since 1983.

According to these wonderful people's opinions, I realized that it was obviously that a number of visitors was not able to comprehend a clear picture of what I wanted with the web site! Even web design was submited in a weird artistic way and was additionaly complicated with carefuly chosen IT-solutions. That fact used to frustrate the intentional visitiors, used to confuse the accidental visitors and not used to be reasonable to my friends any more - all of them wanted me to change the web site. So I was frequently suggested a redesign. I was not deaf. However, I was prudent (still I am, but is this an appropriate word for me?) so I considered the advices.
Thank you! Thank you, You - Kind Unknown Strangers!
Thank you! Thank you, You - My Friends!

Then this web site suffered a painful change...
I redesigned it completely differently than the previous one.
Now it offers nothing but artistic expression.
This web site is naked now.
It's naked.
I cut down hundreds megabytes and now it is bloody simple, made with the purpose of what I want and nothing else.

In the sea of domains, it's "so easy not to forget":
Arts by Max dot com!
  ::: ARTS BY MAX :::