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It seems you are not native English speaker?
It seems well. No, I am not an English native speaker. And I know this question is because of the language. Please warn me about any language mistake or inappropriate language construction. I am grateful about it.

Who has been intruduced to your work, and where or how did you meet some famed people, and who did you meet?
I said that some famous or famed people had already been introduced to my arts, not that I had met them. So, I didn't say I had met them, but that doesn't mean I hadn't! It's truth, I spent some time with some famous people. Musicians, writers, agents, actors, editors, journalists, publishers, photographers, painters, music studios crews, managers, film/theatre directors and my friends have already been introduced to my artistic work.
Some of them I have never met.
Some of them I met once or twice.
Some of them I know well.
Some of them are famed.
One of them, Keith Richards - I hope Keith remembers my poem Never Knowing Who's Coming (Lyrics 11
::). Maybe he does? Who can tell? I succeeded "to-deliver-him-somehow" this poem on December 26th, 2006.
One of them is Michiko Inukai, who helped me a lot.
One of them, meeting me from time to time in the strangest ways, is David Lynch.

Have you made some success or still struggle to break through?
I made some success in a local community. It's hard to break through. I am trying all the time to break through. You know it's tough, but I don't ever give up.

Did you write some more? If you did, so why didn't you put much more material on this web site?
This is just-a-small part of my writings or arts. I have made much, much more. Besides the screenplays or the novel, I wrote circa 700 poems in two languages, circa 15 tuned songs, circa 100 comments. In my opinion, to put too much on the web site is not the best option.

Did you make this web design?
Yes, my 'handy work'.

Do you have a blog? If not, why?
I had it for a while. Well, a blog is a good thing if you have enough time or strong need to put your attitudes on internet pretty often, daily! I haven't got enough time, not interested and haven't got a need to do it. There are splendid blogs, but not by me.

What are several influences at your work?
The influences are not influences at someone's artistic work, those are the influences at the very life. Any moment we face the influences, by a passenger in a hallway or in the underground. They affect our opinions, decisions, our way of behaviour. TV affects, teachers, family, friends, art, life experiences... everything we face and everybody we meet anyhow! Some say that Depeche Mode is too dark, but not to me. Some say that Jerome David (J. D.) Salinger is completely irrelevant, while some say that Salinger is the most relevant - such opinions were not made by someone's own will only, it's a consequence after an influence, so often. When a human is young, sometimes thinks of suicide, just like when old. So, it doesn't matter if Ernest Hemingway or Kurt Cobain were to affect an influence: thinking of suicide, even never heard about Hemingway or Cobain - is a kind of influence too (you may take a look at Suicide Unity
::). Of course I understand the question. I'll shorten the list of influence as much as I can:
- literature: Ernest Hemingway, Hermann Hesse, William Faulkner, Carlos Castaneda,
- music: The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode, U2,
- film: David Lynch, Wim Wenders, Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone.
Oprah gave me more hope. I know this about Oprah may sound so silly to some people, but it's truth - nothing but the truth - I consider that her talk-show is a firework of optimism.

It feels you work a lot. Would you tell me about your education?
Two university degrees, plus professor exams done.
It's just formal, nothing left.
you know...
we need so many things...
although all of us work a lot...
it comes over...
the passion...
when the mind and the soul scream...
the body screams...
for the freedom...
for the expression...
for the art...
Art... the celebration of the life!
Music, film, literature... the celebration of the life!

Logo is nice! The picture of you is so cool.
Oooh... Thank you!


Sincerely, Max

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