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Lyrics 4

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The Changing lyrics translated into English

I'm coming from the fire down the insignificant day
with my guts full of stone and rocks
by shore I'll celebrate the inflaming with water as a witness
I'm not your incendiary but the night helper
from the water I'm found
into the fire I'm thrown
the truly ice inside the bones
for the eternal execution

the wild water has prepared the feast
the wavedrops are bringing death
grinding stone and rocks
inside my guts
the two will drink from different vessels
water - from the cloud
fire - from the crater
each of them is nailing me
into the contrary hand

may the night is different
for now they are flowing lasting long
fluent fire and flaming water
through the veins of different night
I'm burning of passion
I'm running into the water
I don't look back at the fire
that's pulling down on shore

This is one of the poems I wrote when I was in the army.

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